Nuovoware Garden Expanding Hose, 50FT (5M) Expandable Hose with 8 Spray Modes and Detachable Nozzle for Watering, Car Washing, Brass Valve Connector + Latex Inner Tube + Polyester Hose Webbing, Black

EXPANDABLE HOSE:This 5M expanding hose can be expanded to 15 meters after filling water, it can be used for watering, car or window washing, etc. 8 KINDS OF SPRAYER MODES: meeting different watering needs, the degree of handle opening and watering size can be adjusted. HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL AND ACCESSORIES: Polyester Webbing + Latex Inner Tube + Brass Connector + ABS Water Gun, it will not break, crack, leak, anti-wear, and can bear with low and high temperature (5 to 98 Degrees Celsius), explosion-proof hose and leak-proof water. DETACHABLE NOZZLE AND FOLDABLE HOSE: the nozzle can be remove from the hose, easy to store, space-saving. USER-FRIENDLY ERGONOMIC HANDLE: designed to prevent slipping, comfortable to grip and more effort-saving.
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Nuovoware Garden Expanding Hose

This garden expanding hose is a perfect tool for all gardens plants watering and window or car washing etc. 8 kinds of sprayer modes, detachable nozzle and expandable length allows you to do all outdoor work effortless and freely and makes you say goodbye to the boring life.

Main Features:

* 8 different sprayer modes meet your different watering needs.
* The hose can be expanded to 15 meters.
* Outer layer used polyester webbing and the inner tube for the natural latex 6 * 9.5mm, lightweight and easy for carrying.
* Detachable nozzle and Adjustable handle opening and watering size.
* Prefect materials and accessories makes the quality upgrade.


Material and Accessories: Polyester Webbing + Latex Inner Tube + Brass Connector + ABS Water Gun
Hose Original Length: 5 meters
Hose Expanded Length: 15 meters
Diameter (after filling water): 17-18mm
Applicable Water Pressure: 2-8KG


Please be sure to check if there is a slight loosening of each screw thread before using, if so, please tighten it firstly to reduce the leakage risk.
Please connected two ends to the faucet and nozzle when firstly use, open nozzle and fill water slowly ; Please remove the air from the hose, and close the nozzle, make the hose slowly extended to the maximum, then off the water, open the nozzle to drain; Let it back to the original length to work normally.
When gradually increase the water pressure, The expanding hose will extend automatically, and then can be used via the nozzle.
Please turn the faucet off, open the nozzle, remove the water when not in use, so that it shrinks back to the original length.


1. Please remove all the remaining water after using, and roll up to dry, service life can be extended.
2. Water in the expanding hose cannot be drunk."

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