Nuovoware Silicone Gap Cover, [2PACK] 21" Premium Silicone Kitchen Stove Cooktop Counter Gap Covers, Food Grade, Non-toxic, White

PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from premium food grade silicone, this gap cover is BPA free, non-toxic, durable, simple well made and convenient. SUITABLE SIZE: Set of 2 gap covers can be trimmed to fit your appliances in your kitchen. Item dimension: 21" x 2.25" x 0.4". SPILLING PREVENTING: Cover and seal the gap between the stove and counter, and gaps between other appliances. Prevent spills of food and liquids from falling or flowing into that unreachable space. HEAT RESISTANT: Temperature range from -40 to 230 ℃(-40 to 446 ℉). DUSTPROOF AND EASY TO CLEAN: Top paint surface with fuel injection is quite smooth and dustproof. Easy to clean and store. 1-Year warranty.
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"Nuovoware Silicone Gap Covers:

This Nuovoware Silicone Gap Covers seal the gap between your cooktop surface and the counter, even if it is uneven, and gives a nice finished look to your stove. Made of food grade silicone, these Silicone Gap Covers are durableand safe to use, it will be a wonderful additon to your home.

Product Description:

* Made of high quality food grade silicone, BPA free, FDA approved.
* Flexible, soft, smooth and lay flat silicone cover adjusts to imperfections in your counter and stove.
* Cover a fairly wide opening between the range and the counter. Can be cut to shorter lengths if necessary.
* A set of 2 silicone counter gap covers prevent spills and dust collection in hard-to-reach place.
* The snug fit is amazing, even in the smallest gap.
* Heat resistant. Temperature range from -40 to 230 ℃(-40 to 446 ℉).
* Stain and odor resistant. No carry over smell. Wipe clean easily.


Material: Food Grade Silicone
Item Weight: 2.05 ounces
Temperature: -40 to 230 ℃(-40 to 446 ℉)
Item Dimension: 21(L) x 2.25(W) x 0.4(H) inch
Package: 2 x Nuovoware Silicone Gap Cover


* Do not heat the gap covers on the fire directly.

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